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Packing for Storage

Our unique and high standard packing policy will also be applied to storage. In addition to items being packed into appropriate cartons, furniture is export wrapped protected and crated if needed prior to being loaded for short or long-term storage. This maximises the protection of stored furniture and simplifies matters when a stored consignment needs to be shipped at short notice or if there is a change of plan. We use the same high quality packing material that is used for a normal move. The inexlogistic Group has created new packing material more adapted to today’s personal effects. For instance, we use small cartons for CDs and DVDs to further protect those items and to better fit within our standard cartons. A packing list is completed and each box identified and marked before it is loaded into a storage container. All storage containers are clearly identified and listed on a Master Storage File which makes identifying and retrieving the total consignment or one particular item extremely simple. This system minimises handling which in turn minimises the risk of damage or loss as we only need to retrieve and unpack one storage container to locate one item.

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Chairman of the Board of Directors

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General Manager of the company in Germany.

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General Manager of the company in England

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Head of Shipping Section.

On-site labelling

Labelling is a very important step of an office move. It allows our teams to quickly identify the items being transported and where they have to be placed, which increases our team’s efficiency. A general layout plan of the new offices will be drawn up. Depending on its size and structure, labels on boxes and furniture will have to display the building, room and area number, for the new location. This will ensure that items are placed in the correct place, resulting in a smooth and efficient move. Site protection It is of utmost importance to us to ensure that the offices of departure and arrival are left in a good condition. This is why, at both origin and destination sites, exposed areas such as lifts and routing wall corners have to be cleared and protected. Moving At the scheduled time on the moving day, our packing team will carefully pack all items. All electronic equipment, such as servers and modem cabinets, are packed with special care. Personal computers are packed into specially-designed cartons, and transported with other sensitive electronic equipment in air suspension vehicles

Arnold Rocky

Head of logistics department in Egypt and England

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Head of Customer Service & Public Relations.

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Head of Air and Sea Transport.

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supervisor Marketing.

Storage Facilities

When moving abroad for a number of years, you are not always able to send all your personal belongings; either due to a lack of space, no need for that item in the new country or a delay when sending it. Short term storage may be also required at your country of destination while you are looking for a new home.

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